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Sun BB Cream by Etude House.

I would LOVE to have this for my next BB cream.

Etude’s Sun BB Cream with 50 SPF. Something that is needed for skin protection by skin conscious girls.

Personally I loved BB cream in the first place because:

  1. It isn’t heavy.( In the past, my mom put makeup on me and it is heavy and I hated it.) Later I soon found out it is because of make up foundation.(They were heavy in those days, but fortunately there are better formulated Foundations…some comes in liquid form.)
  2. It has…(well most…) herbal extracts that is an extra  for any good skin.
  3. SPF. basically you don’t need to do layering with a sunblock anymore. Just slap some on and you got BB cream AND sunblock.
  4. It is easy to apply. even a newbie can do it with a few application tips.

There are other BB Creams and like any beauty and skin product, they come in many kinds.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

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Nail Art Alert features:Hybrid nails and Jewel Tips

Nail Obsession Mode today!

Just wanna feature some nail art I have done recently but is too lazy to upload here.

Ready here goes!

Hybrid Nails Style…Good or  Bad?

What does hybrid mean to you? For me it is a mix of two distinct objects..the result? You get a new and different kind of object right?

Well since I love experimenting, I tried combining two styles: Cracked Nail and Gradient Nails. The result? Hybrid Nails (see first photos above). I love it!

Note that these are not my nails coz…yeah letting my nails rest after abusing them. (T.T)

French Tip Manicure….Old School or …is it?

Originally I do not do French tip coz…well It is easy but after dabbling at Etude Megamall with their nail polish that looks like jewel sparkles,

I came up with Jewel Tips, I dunno if this was already discovered (mostly likely it has.) but I just do not see much nail art with this tip.

Hope you guys Like this Nail Art Alert feature!

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It has been a long time….actually a month and a few days since I went into sleep mood on my blogs.. sorry guys.. but I had no drive that time but I am back!

My features are all about TIGER nailart!

Lke I said my passion for nailart has started last year. And when I first tried it…I sucked. Yeah flat out suck!

But that did not let me down(well…maybe I was depressed for a few months..) so I surfed on the net and looked at nailart tutorials and whatnot and tried again.

The results were different and I improved!

So goody for me!.

As I said Tiger-style nailart is one of the most complex looking nail art but very doable. Here are the hands of friends I did nailart on while waiting my turn for the final test at training.

Pretty sweet huh? and they are very flexible for any color!

I might post a tut on this…just maybe.

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"Quad Dots Nail art"

If you are artistic, why stop at painting,drawing and make-up? Why not take it to the next level!

This is my first nail art tutorial but not my first nail art as I have been immersed in it for more than 6 months…

To acheive this look we need the following nail polishes:

                 Base Nail Polish:

  • Black Nail Polish (subtle glittery is fine)
  •  Dark Blue Nail polish (subtle glittery is fine)

                For the Dots:

  • Four bright or pastel colored nail polish( I used matte for mine)  

               Top Coat and Base Coat needed for it to last longer.

  Tools used:

  • Dotter/Dotting tool

How to do it….

  1. Make sure that your nails are clean and ready, I recommend using scotch tape and taping the corners of your nails so that if ever things get messy, you don’t need to clean up, just peel the tape afterward.
  2. Apply Base Coat.
  3. Interchange the two base nail polish colors on each nails.(e.g thumb is blue then the next is black. repeat.) Let it dry for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Depending in what color duo you prefer ( i like the matte blue/green duo on my right and the matte red/purple on my left) Use the dotting tool and lightly dot your nails with the desired color.(if you want bigger dots then use more nail polish )
  5. Let them dry for 5-10 minutes. After that use a Top Coat.
  6. Let it dry again for 5 minutes and you are done!

 Nail Polishes I used for this:

  • The Face Shop “Face It”  #BK901
  • The Face Shop #BL607
  • Etude House Matte Pastel Shades Blue, green and purple
  • Etude House Matte Shade Ceylon Beige 

Note:Nail-art isn’t easy to dry off so you might have to spend some time letting it dry so do not do this unless you have a lot of free time on your hands….

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Nail art

I have been thinking of uploading some nailart that I have done but sadly….

my Blackberry phone sucks at taking pictures. I need a good camera so that I can take better pictures for the blog.

My love for nails began when my best friend and I had a sleep over and we fooled around with her nail polish collection. There was this particular nail polish I loved so I bought one as well. The blue and pink sparkles nail polish from the Face Shop and then….my love for nail polish was born.

Nail art followed after seeing a tutorial from Youtube. I though that it would really be cool to transfer my drawing skills into nail art too aside from make-up.

As of now I can do polka dots,hearts,peacock feathers and rhinestone nail art.

And now I really wanted to learn how to do a gradient nail art using my nail polish collection ever since I bought Etude’s Gradient nail kits ( Aloha and Ms. Tangerine).

I’ll promise to upload nail art soon, it is a beginners nail art but I will also include a illustrated tutorial.

Stay tuned!

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Hey  it has been some time since I did a feature and a review so might as well do both!

This week’s featured item is…

Etude House’s Mint Cooling Eyes Cream!

I am really an Etude fan because of their effective yet cheap prices. There is another version of Eyes Cream;the Vanilla Eyes Cream (it is used to lighten  eye circles and rehydrate but caution to anyone who has VERY dark eye circles..This only lightens light dark eye circles okay?)

This Mint Eyes Cream is used to mainly for reducing puffy eyes. So if you wanna reduce the swelling of your eyes after a spat with your husband/boyfriend/best friend/cat?; this is the ideal cream stick to apply over the eyes.It also rehydrates dry under eye skin.


As all of you know, Etude has just concluded its Grand sale last month and I know many princesses wish that there would be one again in the future!

I will review the Aloha edition  Cocktail Syrup Nail Kit #2 Sunshine Bronze that I bought at the grand sale.

Thoughts on the product….

For those who have been so interested in nail art but aren’t that artsy or very patient with how it  is usually done. This is the best way to achieve the gradient nail art look!

The nail kit has three  nail polishes. the light one being the first  nail polish to put followed by the slightly dark shade and finished with the darkest nail polish shade.This achieves an easy yet simple gradient look for the summer. There is another nail kit #1 Rose Pink but like I said I do not like pink that much.

Price:On sale so from 378 php became 262 php plus or something. Not a bad reduction price!

Final word. This is a great way nail kit and it fits the Pinay skin tone or the mestiza skin tone! Great way to start learning nail art girls! I am a nail addict so I give this my seal of approval!

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Hello Princes and Princesses!

I have been looking at the Etude page at Facebook and one girl asked:

"How do you put on the Dear Darling Nail Care thingy? In what order?"

Step by step to Etude House’s Dear Darling Nail Care step 5:

Start with…..

  • Step 1 Bottle- Essence Coat

     It is a the nail care bottle with a faint yellow color, it is used to provide nutrients to your nails since too much nail polish sessions can sometimes make your nails a bit deprived of nutrients. Wait for it to dry the proceed to the next step.

  • Step 2 Bottle- Gel type Cuticle Nail Remover

     This bottle is easily recognizable because it is a clear liquid gel with blue micro-beads in it. Its function is to gently remove any left over nail polish from your previous nail art or nail polish sessions, since sometime we can’t reach the corners of our nails with just a liquid nail remover and cotton pad this seems like a good solution and hassle-free too.

  • Step 3 Bottle-Keratin Coat/Nail Hardener

      This little baby is really helpful.The liquid is a very cloudy white kind so it is very noticeable, This coats your nails with Keratin which is what our nails are made of. In short this helps strengthen our nails since some girls tend to get brittle nails due to nail polish.

Note: This works well too after you wanted your nails to rest a bit, you can apply this everyday or every other day to get your nails hard and healthy for the next nail polish session.

  • Step 4 Bottle- Base Coat

      This is something familiar dear girls.The liquid is a light lavender shade and this coats your nails and helps protects it from the pigments of the nail polishes. It is said that yellow nails results from the nail polishes pigments especially dark ones so using a base coat is advisable and it reduces our nails from getting that yellow hue.

  • Step 5-Top Coat

     Finally the last step! This bottle’s liquid is clear…yup no micro-beads,no faint color shade just plain clear as water clear! This is used after putting your favorite nail polishes or after you are done with your nail art. It helps make the nail polish look more glossy and shiny and it also protects your nails from getting damaged or ruined. ( had those days when i don’t put a top coat after I put nail polish, it lasts for only.. 2-3 days. With a Top Coat on it stays on longer!)

I hope this has been helpful to you Etude lovers!

You don’t have to necessarily follow it step by step. I usually  just do Step 4 and Step 5 when I do nail polish sessions but I do Step 1-2-3 whenever I wanna give my nails a rest from nail polish but these steps are done to help you care for your nails first before putting actual nail polish so that you and your nails stay healthy and happy!

Good luck and Enjoy!

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Tony Moly’s Tomatox Brightening Mask gets a make-over!

It is now called"Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack"

It is still pretty much the same Tomatox except that it has no red microbeads anymore. (Nooo…..)

It still removes dirt and toxins in pores completely, you can see prompt brightening effect.

It has a 3-in-1 effect: brightening + pore deep cleansing + skin soothing.

Available at all Tony Moly Stores!

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Okay. So I know you guys are all excited for the newest addition to the Majo-Majo line right?




Anyway. This review is for the Fake Sleeping collection of Majolica Majorca Clear Aurora Blue Sparkles Eyeliner.

Packaging: Dark green cover with clear bottle and the usual fantasy like gold designs and swirls.. The packaging is pretty cute but the top seems a little longer than the actual body?(Imagine poking your boyfriend accidentally with it…..Yikes.) Not that I’m complaining but it makes me wonder  why was it manufactured that way….

Price:595 php. Pretty affordable.

Thoughts on this products….

To be honest at first I was a bit disappointed with this product

Why? If you look at the promotional posters the eyeliners look absolutely gorgeous yet when I saw the real deal. It wasn’t a brilliant blue but a really pale blue color..almost white. Then another reason was that the posters show a full bottle.But when I bought looks as if it was a quarter finished but I researched and saw the same packaging with the other countries so I can’t complain.

I bought it anyway because a Majo-Majo product has never disappointed me plus the saleslady who was my friend taught me a secret.

I used the eyeliner one time when I was not in the mood for any eyeshadow make-up and…Wow.The eyeliner is a transparent liquid with lots of blue and green sparkles to make up for its clearness. I used it on my under eye and it positively got the attention of some of my friends because of the sparkles and how it makes me look fresh.(like a fruit? LOZ) and bottom line is when it is dry it will stay that way and if it needs a re-touch? Just whip out the eyeliner and  you are done! Easy Peesy!

Tired of always having  the same old black lashes after a mascara fix?Another use was that you can use it to make your lashes extra sassy! just run it over your dry mascara finished lashes and then watch the magical effect! The eyeliner’s liquid is clear, leaving the sparkles to shine even more and it does not look very weird.You can repeat  putting it over the lashes till you get the sparkly effect that suits you.

You can even use it on your eyelids and smudge it a bit it make it look like you had eyeshadow. Boy did I eat my words when I saw that this eyeliner was not only  unexpectedly good but it earned a place inside my pouch.

This eyeliner is really recommended for those who are afraid or lazy to use eyeshadow make-up. It has a fresh and natural feel to it and it’s a simple but very noticeable,plus it is easy to use.

What I don’t like?

The eyeliner packaging was small. (Awwww…) but handy and pocket friendly. I had an initial thought that it may be a little bigger. I guess that is the difference between real life cosmetics and posters.

It will take a few minutes for it to dry. Yes I now get why it is only 595… because it takes some time to dry especially if you put like three coats on your eye (use a fan to quick dry it if you are in a hurry) plus it isn’t waterproof.

Overall. I think this still stands as a good product.It may not be a “wow” product at first but it grows on you.

Now I really want to purchase the Pink Aurora eyeliner because with this I can rock a look without any eyeliner or eyeshadow. ( I am getting super lazy these days..That is the reason why XD)

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Majo-Majo Daisuke desu!!!!

This is my Second review of the Majolica Majorca line. I have been in love with their auto eyeliner so much that I bought their one of their bestseller mascara and Majolook illuminator Palette!

Packaging of both products:

The Lash Enamel Glamour Volume Mascara has a black packaging with gold swirly lines surrounding the  bottle. It reminds of old storybooks with filigree gold letterings and exquisite designs.Plus you will know it by its saw tooth comb type of brush (which is unique)

The Majolook Palette has a clear cover in front with gold swirly designs. fairly simple but at the same time it exudes glamor.It is small and easy to store in any beauty pouch.


Majolook illuminator Palette-795 php

Lash Enamel Glamour Volume Mascara-795 php

Thoughts on each Product:

I was actually on a hunt to replace my mascara from E.L.F which gave me adequate long lashes but somehow I felt something was missing with it. I heard my friends raving about Majo-Majo’s mascara so I gave in and was brave enough to let the saleslady test the mascara on me. The mascara she used on me was the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume Mascara (which has volumizing and lengthening effects) and I was shocked at how thick and long my thin lashes became without becoming so gaudy or fake.I was informed that Majo-Majo’s mascaras contains polymers that perfectly coats each strand while being natural and plus it is waterproof and long lasting!. It took a little getting used to once I did it myself. If my mascara would run out I would definitely go back for this.

 The Majolook illuminator Palette I bought was No.BR788. The colors are of gold and brown hues which is perfect for those who would like to go out with makeup but still look natural and not too loud. It is perfect for people who don’t like vivid colors and would just like to play safe and nuetral in their choice of eyeshadow.

I, for one has sampled a lot of shades of violet,greens,reds,blues and orange to say that this is probably the safest combination of colors, but what impressed me was how smoothly the colors blended together once you applied the cream base (illuminator) before applying the following three colors on your eyelids. The colors look positively beautiful and any newbie can follow the easy steps in using it. Definitely what I would recommend to people who would like to put out eyeshadow and still be noticed as a natural makeup.

What I don’t like?

If you don’t have a good oil or cream-based makeup remover, I suggest you buy one before you buy the Lash Enamel Glamor Volume Mascara since it is definitely waterproof (and a big pain to remove)  it would take a while for you to remove it without any makeup remover. I am already used to it though but I use a very effective make-up remover cream from Etude House so I don’t suffer that much.

The Majolook Palette can stay long all day but my problem with it is whenever I am sweating, the eye shadows creases but not dramatically. I suggest using a makeup base or eye primer to make it less likely to crease and for it to last even longer.


  • The mascara tips can gather clumps from your previous makeup session so at least once a week, wipe the ends of the saw tooth comb with tissue or a smooth towel.
  • If you want less creases on your eyeshadow, use a good primer or base for it to stay longer and make it less likely to get washed out by water or sweat.
  • After using your mascara, recap it immediately. To prevent air from going inside the bottle use gentle twisting motions while putting the mascara brush in.

Hope this helps you Majo-Majo-himes (princesses) out!

Until then See you later!